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U.S. Domestic Security Estimate: Assessment and Update of the 2019 Estimate

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The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America, by Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins

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Insurrection and Violence: A Citizen’s Guide
Explains who is perpetrating the current violence and how to avoid become a victim.

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Warning on Racism, by Stephen Coughlin

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Formation of a COVID19 Red Team

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Defeating the Islamic Movement Inside the United States: A Strategic Plan, by Richard Higgins and Stephen Coughlin

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POTUS and Political Warfare Memo, by Richard Higgins

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Active Measures Campaign Directed at American Christians

To Christian Evangelicals, take WARNING of an unrolling active measures effort directed at American Christians with a sense of national pride: you’re targeted for a dislocating attack. To my non-evangelical Christian friends, do not be fooled. This should not happen in America.     “Divide and conquer.” These are the days when Niemöller’s words are…

How I will remember Rich

Remarks by Unconstrained Analytics President Stephen Coughlin at Rich Higgin’s memorial service:   It was in 2006 that John Guandolo asked me to go to a hidden-away warehouse in Virginia to brief a group of as yet undisclosed people. The place was the CI Centre. Cindy Kwitchoff, the woman who runs Unconstrained Analytics production and…

Remembering Rich Higgins

Recent videos and articles remembering Rich Higgins:   Col. Derek Harvey reports to Steve Bannon from the memorial service being held for Rich Higgins, the American hero who died recently at the age of 47. Higgins had tried to warn President Trump about the dangers he faced in his own administration from Deep State operatives.…

Reprising “Discourse Theory” in Light of the Dominant Narrative on COVID

“And this is a system of lies. Really, they say you are free, but de facto, they force you. We are living in a society of lies. And this was communism. Communism was substantially, intrinsically, a system of lies. And so, we are witnessing here today with these COVID measures, and pandemic measures, which are…

PART 1: Discourse Theory as Assessed in “Warning on Racism”

As discussed in “Warning on Racism,” Discourse Theory was identified as a tool that would be used to support Marxist “hate speech” narratives. The objective of hate speech is to suppress speech and publication “in advance of [their] actual expression” through intimidation that anticipates violence. As such, hate speech imposes prior restraint on those on…

PART 2: Discourse Theory in the Context of COVID19 Narratives

“I found from many observations that our liberals are incapable of allowing anyone to have his own convictions and immediately answer their opponents with abuse or something worse.” (today, we call this gaslighting) — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot, 1869   Leading up to COVID19, in “Warning on Racism,” in 2019, Unconstrained Analytics, Inc introduced a concept…

Part 3: Did Vatican II serve as the Discourse Theory prototype?

This question is raised because Habermas goes there. The principal focus of this writing is Habermas’ Discourse Theory – a very lethal arrow in the Semantic Marxism quiver. Yet, lest we forget, Habermas is intensely dialectical in his Marxist vision, and the objective of Discourse Theory is the implementation of that Marxism. While threat analysts…

Discourse Theory – Conclusion

“It must be in the water.”  We hear so many things that seem unrelated to each other and dread where the country, the world, communities, including faith communities, are headed. This dread compounds as it gives way to depression and hopelessness when these seemingly unrelated phenomena seem to be converging on a point as if…

Archbishop Viganò: We are faced with a colossal deception, based on lies and fraud

A powerful new letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: LIBERA NOS A MALO Considerations on the Great Reset and the New World Order by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò August 28, 2021 Feast of St. Augustine ~ No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to…

Brief Analysis of the “Draft” Afghanistan Constitution

The following was written on 6 January 2004 by Stephen Coughlin when he was working at the National Military Command Center while also a student at the Joint Military Intelligence College (known today as the National Intelligence University): – The “Draft” Afghan Constitution (“Constitution”) exposes any future Afghan government to substantial vulnerability in the form…

The Trimaran Brief: Marxism and why there is no “political middle”

UA’s Stephen Coughlin made a presentation to the American Freedom Alliance on August 16, 2021. In this video, after he gives updates on current events, he gives his “Trimaran Brief” which he first presented to senior officials on January 21, 2015. The things he warned about then are true today. Watch: – Short outtake: Intersectionality of…

Critical Race Theory: The Purest Form of Marxism

In this lecture, Stephen Coughlin argues that Critical Race Theory is not borrowed from or somehow related to Marxism. Critical Race Theory is actually the purest form of Marxism. “Intersectionality” is just another way to say Critical Race Theory. Around the 34:00 mark, he answers questions from the audience. Coughlin gave this lecture on March…

The Left Wanted a Reichstag Moment and They Got It: Analyzing January 6

Rich Higgins was interviewed on Conservative Review podcast analyzing the events of January 6: Episode 790: We never thought this would happen in America, but here we are with a ruling class that not only steals an election, but then seeks to crush the opposition, third world-style. But they needed a pretext. Well, as Rich…

The Republican Establishment is the Left’s Defeat Mechanism

UA put in writing in April 2019 (The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America) that the Left has a controlled opposition and it is the Republican establishment. As a controlled opposition, this means they were really never going to be in the role of helping the American public who supported President Trump’s Make America…

Archbishop Viganò Letters: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

UA is posting Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s powerful letters to President Trump and Americans, for the record. June 7, 2020 Letter to President Trump October 25, 2020 Open Letter to President Trump November 4, 2020 Message to All Americans of Good Will Messages to rallies in Washington, DC May 8, 2020 Appeal for the Church…

Traditional America vs Progressive Agendas

Recent interviews of UA’s Rich Higgins: Rich Higgins was back on Crossroads with Joshua Phillips talking about the crisis now facing the United States over the contested elections, the various factions in the entrenched bureaucracy of government, and the broader test now facing the United States.   Rich Higgins was interview on OAN by Dan…

Intelligence Summary: November 12 – 25, 2020

PDF Version: Intelligence-Summary, Nov 12-25, 2020 Strategic Overview Post-Election activities reflects the engineering of a revolutionary crisis that accomplishes revolutionary objectives, regardless of who becomes President. This reflects what Bezmenov called the crisis phase following the successful demoralization and destabilization phases leading up to and including the Election. From a political warfare POV, Post-Election activities…

2020 Questions

How is it possible that Trump had the most minority votes of ANY Republican since 1960, but Joe Biden received 8,000,000 more votes than Obama 2008? How is it possible that Trump picked up almost 250,000 Democrat cross over voters in Florida alone? How is it possible that Biden/Dem turnout was DOWN in every urban…

The Left’s Revolution By Other Means

Presentation by Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins


Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad

Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad by Stephen CoughlinFormer Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence analyst Stephen Coughlin was the Pentagon’s leading expert on Islamic law. His Important book is drawn from his national security briefings to America’s warfighters and intelligence officers. Read this book to learn how Islamic doctrine and law are known to form the basis of hostile threat strategies directed against America and the West. Find out why our leaders are not using these facts to make decisions and why they don’t want you to know the truth.

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20 Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First

Rich Higgins The Memo: Twenty Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America FirstFormer Department of Defense and National Security Council executive Rich Higgins book, “The Memo – 20 Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First,” is the story of how his twenty year career inside the Deep State enabled him to discern – well before anyone else – the Deep State’s efforts to stop and ultimately remove the President from office. No one was more bold – or more frighteningly accurate – in anticipating the ferocity of the Deep State’s assault on the Constitution and President Trump.

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Lectures on Political Warfare


Lectures on National Security & Counterterror Analysis

Watch a series of professional briefings by Stephen Coughlin given to the Pentagon, national and state law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress:

  1. Lectures on National Security & Counterterror Analysis (Introduction)
  2. Understanding the War on Terror Through Islamic Law
  3. Abrogation and the ‘Milestones’ Process
  4. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab Spring & the ‘Milestones’ Process
  5. The Role of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Enforcing Islamic Law
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