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Rich Higgins

September 18, 1974 – February 23, 2022


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A compilation of words and wisdom from Rich Higgins (1974-2022) excerpted from a variety of interviews he did. This video was played before and after his memorial service at the Army-Navy Country Club in March 2022.



Richard Higgins was the Vice President of Unconstrained Analytics before his untimely death of heart failure.

He spent 20 years combating terrorism and is an expert on the nexus between theological doctrines and information age unconventional warfare.

Rich Higgins served on the National Security Council in the Trump Administration as the Director for Strategic Planning. He was removed in 2017 after warning of a deep state coup to remove the President.

Higgins was also Vice President of Intelligence & National Security for RED, LLC, a company that develops, tests and evaluates new combat capabilities for special operations, intelligence and irregular warfare missions.

From 2011 to 2013, Higgins managed a classified project for Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

From 2010 to 2011, he served as the Chair of Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict at the National Defense University.

In 2004, he formed the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Irregular Warfare Support (IWS) program office and served as the organization’s first Program Manager until June 2010. In this role he was directly responsible for the creation of several new strategic and operational capabilities.

Higgins has advised the White House, Congress, and Foreign Governments on strategy, technology, and terrorism related matters.

He was a 2011 Lincoln Fellow from the Claremont Institute.

A US Army Veteran, Rich Higgins held a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University as well as a Masters Degree in Strategic Security from the National War College.

Roundtable on Defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism, Trump Tower, August 17, 2016. Rich is on the right, second from the front.

Full Obituary:


Richard Thomas Higgins III, a dedicated husband, father, Patriot, and pioneer of irregular and information age warfare, died on February 23, 2022, due to complications following a successful organ transplant. He was 47 years old.

Rich was a Boston native, born September 18, 1974, to Richard Thomas Higgins II and Catherine Higgins. Rich always excelled academically and graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Rich was a warrior with unwavering courage and a heart for service. Following college, he joined the Army and became an Explosive Ordnance Technician. Post-Army, Rich served as a government civilian working with many of America’s most elite and classified organizations. Following 9/11, Rich fought in the War on Terror, deploying to Iraq where he conceived and developed the Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell (CEXl)-a highly technical unit that was focused on the identification and exploitation of explosives used against our troops. This new and transformative unit would lead to the development of many life-saving counter IED devices protecting soldiers in combat. Rich was a creative leader and trusted by Multi-National Forces-Iraq leadership because he could get the tough jobs done on short notice no matter the time of day.

Rich later served as a senior program manager under the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (ASD SOLIC), developing and directing the Irregular Warfare Support Group. In this capacity, Rich developed and deployed advanced capabilities and new strategies directed against America’s most elusive and lethal adversaries.

Rich was selected to attend the National Defense University (NDU) earning a Master’s degree in Irregular Warfare. He would later become Chair of this department, gaining numerous accolades for his expertise in the theory, doctrine, and their application through Communist and Marxist led insurgencies. His scholarship would later be recognized and sought in the curriculum and education of American and allied senior strategists and leaders within the national security community. After almost two decades of government service, Rich transitioned into the civilian sector. During this time he met and married his beautiful and loving wife Karin, whom he adored.

Rich’s tireless efforts to implement new ways of thinking and relentless commitment to ensuring America was always two steps ahead of our adversaries afforded him new opportunities. A highly sought-after speaker, he guest-hosted nationally syndicated radio shows and was always asked for analysis in the media and on Capitol Hill, as events unfolded across the globe.

In 2016, he was selected to be a Director on the National Security Council serving under President Trump. On the NSC, Rich demonstrated analytical brilliance and strategic understanding in providing accurate and thoughtful assessments to NSC staff and White House leadership.

Following his NSC service, Rich would become a successful author penning a nationally acclaimed book The Memo which exposed the sinister nature of the Deep State within the same government he served most of his life.

Rich is survived by his wife, Karin, their daughter Audrey, son Richard Thomas Higgins IV, his daughters Carolyn and Corrine, his parents Richard and Catherine, his brother Edward and his sisters, Margaret Higgins and Kathleen Leonard.

Donations in his memory and to help his wife and children can be made to the The Rich Higgins Memorial Fund (now on GiveSendGo).

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“This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle,” Mr. Higgins wrote in the memo, a copy of which was obtained by Foreign Policy and published on Thursday.

“Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative, those that benefit recognize the threat he poses and seek his destruction.” . . .

“Complicating the current situation, many close to the president have pushed him off his message when he was candidate Trump thus alienating him from his base thereby isolating him in the process,” Mr. Higgins wrote.


POTUS and Political Warfare (May 2017)